What are the best simple ways to loose weight?

Here are 25 best ways for weight loss, make it a try, it works.

Stock Up on green tea

Green tea have multiple health benefits including weight loss. As per the documented data, you can enhance your Metabolism by 4 % by just adding three cups of green tea per day.

That is you can very easily burn 60 extra calories per day, by opting for three cups of green tea. So, this single trick of Green tea will help you to lose 60 pounds a year in a natural and healthy way.

Pump Iron:

Strength training is also among the best options for weight loss. Weight training enhances your resting Metabolic rate, that is the number of calories that you burn while doing nothing. Secondly, when you increases your muscle mass, you are then more prone to weight loss. The reason behind is that a pound of muscle burns nine times more calories than a pound of fats. So, do strength training and enhances your resting Metabolic rate and when you build muscle mass, then muscles will consume nine times more calories than the fats cells. The ideal choice for weight loss as burning calories means burning fats.

Take iron enriched food or take an iron supplement: If you lack iron in your body then your body will be unable to get the oxygen required for his burning of stored energy. Thus taking iron enrich foods, like lean red meat, chicken, fortified cereals, and nuts or alternatively take an iron supplementation to enhances the iron concentration within blood, this will boost your ability to burn fats by enhancing your metabolism rate.

Take more water:

At a certain period of time when you take 1. 5 liters of water, it enhances your metabolism up to 30%. Thus make you capable of burning more stored energy and helps a lot in your weight loss objectives.

Check your thyroid,

Go for a thyroid test to your doctor. Under active thyroid is the major reason behind the women obesity in America. 25% of American women even does not know about their thyroid status that has resulted in a fattier them. The thyroid gland is the metabolic control center of the body, and by it, you burns more fat cells, thus it drops your pounds. Secondly, Under active thyroid is the major reason behind the weight loss resistance as well. A simple blood test will show the exact status for your thyroid. If you have got an under active thyroid go for thyroid supplementation, it will bring back the functions of thyroid for your body.

Avoid Alcohol,

your food will directly go to your hips and thighs when you take wine after your favorite fatty food. So wash then with water, not wine, when you take wine it affects Central Nervous System and slows down the fat burning capabilities of the body drastically, so it aids in fats accumulation at thighs and hips. Avoiding alcohol will keep your metabolism balanced and you will avoid accumulating fats in your hips and thighs.

High-intensity workouts are the among the best fat burning exercise, with High-Intensity workouts, you will burn more fats with a comparatively lesser time exercise. So add the High-intensity portion of the exercise, at regular intervals, for your more effective weight loss success.

Take more dairy products:

Women how to take more on- fat dairy three times a day, burns 70% more fats than on- dairy dieters. The reason behind is the magic of Calcium, it switches your connection between the fat burning capabilities in between your body and central Nervous system. The adequate amount of calcium per day required is 1200 mg of elemental calcium, equivalent to three glasses of dairy per day.

Take up new sports,

when you do some sort of exercise like walking or jogging, your body adapts to it and you burn fewer fats. So, try cross sports, change it alternatively for your body, so that the body can be challenged for the new sport and burn more calories. Secondly, opting for multiple exercises mobilize your all muscles, which is again more suitable to remain fit and lose your weight in a natural and healthy way.

Go fish,

Those who take fish on a regular basis have a low concentration of hormone, leptin, in their bodies, Leptin levels are invest;y proportional to the weight loss, that is the lower the leptin levels the higher will be metabolism states and hence will burn more fats and vice-versa. A three to four times of fish intake is recommended for a healthy weight loss and better options as fishes are salmon, tuna and mackerel.

Manage your stress,

stress aid in the production of the hormone, Cortisol, that enhances food carvings, this is commonly called Stress-induced food cravings. So, you take more calories that result in a fat gain, reducing stress will reduce this aspect of food carving so will make you capable of avoiding calories intake and thus will help both in your weight maintenance and weight loss.

Take peanut butter and Jam: Peanut butter is the rich source of Magnesium that motors up your metabolism and speeds weight loss. The second good source is Spinach. Aim for a 320 mg of Magnesium, will able you to drop pounds the natural and healthy way

Do not Blowup breakfast, eating breakfast plays a major role in your weight loss success. There are multiple logic behind this, first, it speeds up metabolism which gets slow, when you sleep. Digesting the food at breakfast make its fats and your fat burning mechanism get to the normal levels again. Secondly, breakfast helps you in avoiding food carvings at the later stage of the day, at which you are more prone to fatty food items, that sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Pump up protein, when you ensure to have a portion of protein at your every major meal, it fires up your body for burning more calories and hence more fats are lost. But the idea is to keep the protein proportion in food up to 20 – 30%, too much of it will load your kidneys and you will store fats instead of losing it.

Take a healthy snack in between major meals, small eating’s ion between major meals keep your fats burning and it never slows the processes down. Better options for snacks are yogurt, fruits, and vegetables, yogurt with nuts and so on. Best timing for meals around days is breakfast at 7:00 AM, snack at 10:00 AM, lunch at 1;00 AM, second snack at 4:00 PM and dinner at 7:00 PM.

Eat the right type of carbohydrates, stick to one simple rule to avoid starch, bread, potatoes and rice contains starches that drag your metabolism down, the best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which have comparatively much lesser effects on dropping the levels of insulin within your body than the starches.

Do multiple smaller sessions of workouts than one long session, Divide your workout in a 20 minutes three session or in 30 minutes two sessions. This will keep the fire for fat burning within your bodies. If you have time restrictions, do one major session of workout and follow by a simple five minutes, walking around within your house or office will also aid a synergistic factor for weight loss.

Pace, while you are on the phone, when you are on the phone it will make you able to burn more calories. Walking, turning around, moving legs during phone calls, seems to be a tiny tip, but it able you to burn fats more effectively. Make it a habit, it will work for your weight loss.

Why not to eat a banana for weight loss, it is the richest source of Potassium, it regulates the water level in your body and helps you in weight loss. Secondly, it boosts your metabolism, so you burn more calories and body fats. An average of 2000 mg of potassium required to keep body fully hydrated. An average sized ripped banana has 450 mg of potassium, so eat at least four per day every day, this will bring amazing weight loss benefits to you.

Have an adequate sleep,

when you sleep your body produce more insulin to process the carbs and the concentration of cortisol goes down, which is an appetite simulator. So adequate sleep have two major benefits for weight loss, you burn calories more effectively and you will avoid the unwanted food cravings as well.

Load up on Citrus fruits,

Eat citrus fruits or add it as a salad in your diet. Citrus fruits are the good source of fibers and vitamin C. Additionally, it contains antioxidants which keep the body hormones at balance. Both fibers and a balanced hormonal level help in weight loss.

Spice up your food,

add peppers, it contains Capsaicin, a body metabolic booster, which aid in your weight loss.

Additional Weight loss tips for Girls and Women specifically.

Girls and women have few different body states, like menstruation, pregnancy, lactation etc so here in addition to the points mentioned are some more specific ways for them, to lose weight, the healthy way.

Exercise off that Menstruation period: When you exercise at the later phase of menstruation cycle you will burn more fat cells, reason is that your hormones are more boosted at this stage, which fires up your fat burning capabilities. If we summarize it, women burn 30 % more fats for the two weeks following ovulation to about two days about before menstruation.

Ditch the Stroller: If you have a little one, so find time to play with him outdoors. Opt for a body baby, s career. This extra 20-pound little one will force your body for more calories burning and your body muscles will also get tons.

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Here ate top best simple tips for your weight loss.

Write down what you eat for three weeks and you will lose weight: The data collected through extensive studies have proven that those people who write down what they eat, maintain the food diary, have a confirmed chances that they will consume 15 % fewer calories than those who are not writing.

Manage your eating at weekends: The study conducted are the University of Carolina have found that people generally consume 15 % more food, especially Alcohol with fats, so you have to control it. If you take more calories at your weekends, adjust the same by following a lesser calories diet of vegetables, fruits, and green leafy salads.

Add 10% to a number of Calories you think you are taking: We normally overestimate our caloric adjustments, when we are planning for weight loss. It’s a simple tip If you are thinking that you are taking 1700 Calories, add 170 more with this number and convenience yourself that 1870 is the exact number of calorie you are taking. Adjust your food in light of this new calculations.

Take water instead of soda and juices: This is the simple tip, take water whenever you feel thirsty. Sodas and packed fruits juices contain more calories than we think. Take water, make it a habit, and will lose weight by simple facts way.

Eat three fewer bites at your meals: When you take your major meals. Take three fewer calories that what you are actually taking now. This habit will make a big difference at the weekly and monthly basis.

Take 10 minutes to go up and down the stairs: When you go up and down the stairs for 10 minutes, you lose weight amazingly well. Stairs up and down walking is a good calorie consuming activity and it will make a difference. Better to use stairs always instead of elevators, make it a habit and you will feel the difference for your weight loss very soon.

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