What are the best ways to lose weight?

If you are > 180 lbs, loosing 40 lbs won’t take long. It will be hard but it is doable. I have done it. Many of my friends with whom I have trained have done it. You can do it too!

Picture: this is me at 140 lbs (9% body fat)

Here is what you need to follow. Once you hit your goal, please share your transformation picture in the comment (I’ll update the answer with your picture).

1. Focus

For the next 3 months, losing 40 lbs of fat is your ONLY goal. Even Quora would come second. You have to forget everything and set your mind on fitness and health.

2. Strategy

3 months = 90 days. 13 weeks. 40 lbs.
You have to lose 3 lbs of fat each week starting this week.

3 lbs of fat = 3500 calories x 3 =10,500 calories

Each week you are going to create a deficit of 10,500 calories. Which turns out to be 1500 calories/day.

You are going to achieve this by doing:
A) Eating healthy and less than you are burning each day
B) Working out and burning more calories


Since, your daily target is to create 1500 calories deficit, you can aim at burning 1000 calories by working out and another 500 by eating less.

Before you begin cutting calories from your diet, first determine approximately how many calories you need to eat each day to maintain your current weight. This will provide you with a starting point.

If you are a man, you will need more calories to maintain your weight than a woman.

Note, once you have the number of calories that you need to eat to maintain your weight, subtract 500. This will create the calorie deficit you need in order to lose 1 lb. each week.

Say you need 2500 calories to maintain your current muscle mass.

Therefore, to lose 1 lbs per week you need to eat 2500 – 500 = 2000 calories per day.

You’ll eat 2000 calories in 40% protein, 40% slow GI carb and 20% good fat ratio.

2000 calories breakdown
40% protein = 800 calories (Lean chicken, lentils, salmon, etc.)
40% carbs = 800 calories (Quinoa, Brown rice, vegetables, fruits*, etc.)
20% fat = 400 calories (Guac, olive oil, cottage cheese, etc.)



Work on large muscle groups such as thighs, chest and back for maximum weight loss. When you lift heavy weights, your overall metabolism goes up and your body keeps burning calories in the anabolic state.

Your goal is to burn 1000 calories each day. But you are not going to workout every day. Say, you can commit 4 days to gym during each week.

Also, realistically speaking you may not be able to commit to a strict diet for straight 90 days. You’ll have cheat meals and cheat days.

We have to balance and factor in each of these in our strategy.

But don’t worry, once you start to loose weight (fat), your overall fat lose will accelerate.

You’ll begin with 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training). You can start with Elliptical. You can easily burn 250 calories in 20 minutes.

Next, you will perform weight training. Pick a body part for each exercise day.

Monday = Chest + Biceps
Wednesday = Legs
Thursday = Back + Triceps
Sunday = Shoulders + Abs

Perform 6 different exercises, 4 sets of each exercise and 8-10 reps with >= 80% of maximum weight that you can lift for each exercise.

This will result in 6 * 4 * 10 = 200-250 total repetition. => 300 – 500 calories

In total, your weight training should not take you more than 40 minutes to finish the entire circuit.

After finishing workout, you will again do cardio with elliptical or stair-master or treadmill or stationary bike (pick whichever you like). Do it for 10-20 minutes and aim to burn additional 100-200 calories.

By planning your gym routine as mentioned above, you are basically ensuring to burn atleast 800-1000 calories during each workout session.

If during your first month, you haven’t lost 5-10 lbs, don’t worry, just keep going.

You’ll see the results.

Picture: this is me trying to do balance pushups

3 months, it is. If not, don’t quit.

4 months it is. Done? Great! We are proud of you!

Nope, not yet? Don’t stress. Feel proud, you have come a long way. A little more push. Few more steps. Few more weeks.

Follow these 10 health hacks

  1. Reduce starches & eliminate refined sugars from the diet. (Example: White potatoes, white rice, white wheat, white sugar, etc)
  2. Eat 4-8 snack size meals each day instead of 2 large meals.
  3. Eat lots of dark green vegetables, and strive for 3 servings per meal (for both major meals of the day).
  4. Consume 30g of protein upon waking up as your first meal. For major meals, try to eat at-least eat 30g of protein each time. Your goal is to eat atleast 1x (in grams) your bodyweight in lbs. So, if you are 160 lbs, you will target to eat atleast 160 gm of protein each day.
  5. Download My Fitness Pal or a similar food tracking app and track everything you eat. Even your snacks.
  6. Take regular progress pictures. It will be easier if you can find a workout partner. Weight loss is easy if you have a buddy in the game.
  7. Use coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil for cooking.  Take out all other processed oils and trans fat.
  8. When you wake up, drink a cup of warm honey-lemon-cinnamon water (1 teaspoon honey + 1/4th lemon + sprinkle cinnamon in 1 cup of water).
  9. Coffee helps in weight loss, but instead of drinking coffee, drink Green Tea.You can do 4-6 cups per day.
  10. In morning, drink apple-cider-vinegar (about 2 table spoons diluted in a glass of water with optional honey for good taste) everyday.

Read more from the author… Salil Jha, an authorpreneur, best-selling author, podcast host and angel investor. He writes on meta-learning, learning techniques, poetry, entrepreneurship and self-growth in his personal blog at Naked Soul Blog | The Blog of Salil Jha


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