What will happen if I only eat fruits and vegetables every day?

The story of Meagan Palmer!

I’ve been eating only fruits and vegetables, combined with whole grains,nuts and spices for 10 years now  (since going vegan. I was vegetarian for 14 years before that). What has happened?  I have eaten a wider variety of food and cuisines than I ever did as a meat eater or a vegetarian. I have learned that food and cooking is an even more exciting experience than I thought before (and I always loved to cook and bake since I was a child). My whole life has been opened up to new things, I’m constantly turning others onto new foods, cuisines and ways to cook,things that the average meat-eater has never heard of or considered trying.

I’ve also never been healthier.  Until my son started at daycare , I hadn’t been sick since giving up the last of the animal products I ate,so for 8 years I didn’t have one single cold or anything. I had an incredibly healthy pregnancy at 36 years old, and now have a healthy, energetic,rarely sick child. When I do get sick it’s not bad at all,and does not last long. When everyone around me has the flu, I get a mild sniffle if I get sick at all. Also, I lost my pregnancy weight very quickly.

I’m 40 years old and everyone thinks I’m no older than 30,many even think I’m in my 20’s. I have tons of energy, no wrinkles, my skin,which was always bad in my teens and 20’s looks great. My brain works better, and I have better balanced emotions.  Before,  my emotions were up and down but now I’m happy most of the time and my anger is much less (it’s thought that eating animal products puts stress onto the body and causes aggression.  There was a prison which cut out animal products and the violence in the prison dropped to almost nothing. Wish I had the link for that but you can look it up).

Other little things like my nails grow in better,and my hair is more lush, as well.  Not to be gross,but I also stopped having yeast infections, something I regularly suffered from before.

I can also add that my husband, a long time runner, started running noticeably faster once quitting all animal products.  My son,a vegan since birth, is very rarely sick and when he is sick it’s very mild and short-lived.

This is all aside from the knowledge that I am doing as little harm possible,  and am doing my part in helping the environment, as it’s been found that raising animals for food has had the greatest impact on our failing environment.  We’re trying to do our part to leave this planet in a better place than we found it in. Our son deserves that.

* I should note that we live off of a whole food diet. It is very possible to not ever eat an animal product and live off of junk.  That would void all of the positive of not eating animal products.


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