Does your face get prettier when you lose a lot of weight?

Just two years back he weighed on higher side. This is a photo he posted on his Instagram account a year ago after transforming from 85 Kilograms to 72 Kilograms.

And now after an year he is Mr World 2016!! Yes, that’s Rohit Khandelwal!

His daily fitness workout includes functional, circuit and strength training. Either swimming or a jog at the end of the day.


Edit: A reader raised an objection that the answer to this question should be about myself but not Mr. World Rohit Khandelwal. No worries, I have also shed weight enough for you to clearly see the difference between before and after photos (not sure about prettier part though!!) 🙂



Okay, finally, the below photo highlights The Secret of My Weight-loss 🙂


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