How different did you look after losing 70 pounds (weight)?

I wish I had more “before” pictures, but I was so ashamed of my weight I’ve deleted most of them. Of course, 70 lbs is a lot to lose, so most people look pretty different. Obviously, my body was significantly transformed. Mostly I was all around smaller but similar in shape. More pronounced facial features. Better/brighter skin and hair. Pointy elbows and slender fingers. And my feet dropped a shoe size! This is a size 22 to a size 10:

But what I find more interesting as I go back in history is that most of the photos I kept from before involve heavy makeup, rarely smiling with teeth, revealing clothing, night activities, and alcohol. Like these:

And after losing weight?

Smiles, adventure, more clothing coverage, less makeup… After losing a lot of weight I was more confident, more relaxed, and more receptive to life. That openness and happiness is what really comes through in the after photos. The biggest difference in the way I looked comes from a much place deeper than the immediately obvious physical changes. I felt fundamentally different, both because I was freed from a heavy and restrictive cage of fat and also because people treated me better, so I was able to be more vulnerable.

It’s unfortunate that the way we’re treated by loved ones and strangers alike can be so conditional based on weight. I wrote more about that here: Leah Alissa Bayer’s answer to Did people treat you differently after you lost a lot of weight? I think this has a major impact on how we look – happiness is beautiful.

Fun tidbit: I gained a bunch of weight back after meeting my significant other, so I get to do it all over again. And I’m not alone – most people that lose a lot of weight end up gaining again. It was recent enough that I remember vividly how it felt to be thinner and how I looked – hopefully I’ll be back there soon.

Source: Leah Alissa Bayer, Lost 80+ pounds by eating well and exercising.


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