How do I lose weight when I have no time?

You can always make time if you truly want to accomplish something such as losing weight.

17 months ago I had my baby. I was a full time student, I worked full time until my contract ended in the military, I also have a step son and had to take him to practices and games, cub scouts, I had to cook 3 meals a day, I had to clean as well and eventually I found a part time job to be able to spend more time with my family. Nonetheless, it felt like there wasn’t enough time in a day but I made it an effort to work out for at least 10 mins a day.

Yes, 10 minutes a day makes a HUGE difference compared to not doing any exercise at all.

My daughter woke up at 5 am every morning so I made an effort to be up at 4:30 to work out for 10 minutes. After I was done I jumped in the shower.

For those 10 mins I did intense cardio. Slowly but surely I was able to do intense cardio. You could start off at a different paste.

I got cleared from my doctor to start exercising again at 6 weeks (after having my baby) and thats when I began working out again.

10 minutes eventually turned into 15 mins.

I also did squats while brushing my teeth.

While playing on the floor with my daughter (when she was crawling) I made sure to do push ups.

I was always able to find some time even if it was just 5 minutes.

This is me 7.5 months pregnant and 6 months post partum. It helped that I worked out while I was pregnant.

I did drink a lot more water and I also cut out most sweets.

Update: some people have mentioned that I did not lose weight because I worked out, rather I lost weight because of eating less. Although I did cut out most sweets in my diet, I did eat consistently more than 3 times a day because I was breastfeeding. Women who breastfeed tend to eat more than those who don’t breastfeed.

Some have messaged me on what I ate on a daily basis. Here’s what I mostly ate:

Morning( 5am) (after workout): fruit shake OR eggs with veggies and a toast plus coffee

[water in between meals: 2 cups of water

Snack( 9am): oatmeal with fruit (this helped me produce milk)

[2 cups of water]

Lunch(12:30): choice of protein meat, veggies, and rice

[2 cups of water]

Snack (3:30pm ) protein shake plus 2 cups of water

Dinner (6:30) choice of protein meat, quinoa, veggies

Some people have messaged me stating that I am evil for making people feel bad about their bodies by posting my after picture. I was told that I was fit before I was pregnant therefore I have no right to answer this question.

Although I am proud of my accomplishments, I am not evil for posting my after look picture.

If you had seen me during my 6 week wait time, I was starting to gain a lot of weight because I was eating a lot trying to keep energy that was being depleted by my breast feeding.

Sure I wasn’t humongously fat during that wait time but I also did not look like my after picture at all either.

My point of this answer is to keep the body moving even if it’s just for 10 mins.

When I wasn’t doing 10 minutes a day of cardio, trust me, I did not look at all like my after picture.

Hope I didn’t offed me anyone because that wasn’t my intention.


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