How do I reduce stomach fat fast?

For most people, maximum fat cells are located in the stomach/belly area and thats the very reason your waist starts to increase when you start to become overweight.

Here are some ways to reduce stomach fat fast:

-Aggressive way is always the best way to reduce fat: Realistically you can lose about 2 lbs /week on an average. In 12 weeks this amounts to more than 20lbs which is a lot of fat.

Just to give you an idea as to how much 5lbs of fat tissue look like see the picture below:

-Count calories at least in the short run: I know its tedious to do so and I don’t encourage you to do so in long run. The biggest reason we are a population of overweight and obese is because we eat more than we can burn, Period! For example: Just 1 Tablespoon of Oil has roughly 160 calories in it!

Just one medium serving of french fries has about 400 calories in it.

Most of us don’t eat more than 15–20 core ingredients on a daily basis! And let me tell you its not tough after a period of counting calories to mentally calculate the calories in your food eventually without the help of a food weigher or google.

This is one skill in your arsenal that will save you from the detrimental effects of over-eating.

-Type of calories you eat also matter a lot: I deliberately showed you pictures of two very different high fat foods. As the quantities are very less but with high caloric content. Picture 1 depicts extra-virgin olive oil, which is healthy fat and good for you and should be part of your overall diet, whereas in picture-2, fries are cooked in some vegetable oil (I think soy), which grows toxic when heated (and reheated). It also has trans-fat which is super bad for you.

Buy a food weigher: When trying to google the calories of each food items you need to know their weightage in grams.

Clear your kitchen: This is sooooo important. I can tell about a person’s weight by looking at his kitchen and in his fridge. If it’s in front of you, you will eat it sooner or later, Period! And then you will guilty about eating it. But you will still eat it. And then you will eat some more, till you finally give up on your weight loss journey!

I know it can be tough, not to have chocolates and other sweet or salty items, especially when other members of your family prefer those items, but it needs to get done.

YOU need to remove the temptation!

Educate and empower yourself and free yourself from the myths and misinformation: Weight loss is a huge industry, and most of them are trying to take advantage of your ‘instant mentality’ and sell you products in the form of pills, teas, equipments etc that promise quick results. And they are making millions, because they have the demand!

I strongly advise to stay from such products, as they alter the delicate yet complex hormonal system which may lead to medical issues, sometimes very serious one!

Your body has innate wisdom to bring you back to your normal weight. It wants to stay lean, and healthy. You just need to support it with some movement (that you love) and eat home-made food.

Define what is health for you: We live in the world where ‘Healthism’ is a new word in the dictionary. If you don’t have a six-pack you are not fit and healthy. If you are overweight you are not a nice person.

Having more fat becomes your identity….. Come on!

You are NOT fat, you have fat! It doesn’t define you!

Ultimately our goal is to be healthy and besides exercise and eating nutritious foods, there are other determinants of health which are related directly to your mental outlook in life, your income levels, where you live, your social circle, whether you have a meaningful life and so on and so forth.

My point here is this: If you are over weight, you can be more healthy than a fitness model who is at 9% body fat.

So, define what is ‘healthy’ for you. What makes you happy and that is key to living a long and healthy life.

I help people not only to lose fat and build muscle, but also work on their mindset and help them decide what the word ‘health’ is for them. Everyone is unique.


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