What are some tips & tricks to burn fat faster?

Here the most effective tips and tricks to lose body fat fast,

  • Eat Six meals a day: Opt for comparatively smaller meals of six per day. It will keep your metabolism boosted and your body calories will be burned with more speed at more duration of time.
  • Run 100-yard sprints, you will burn 500 calories that will burn your stored body fat.
  • Eat in small plates, this will help you to limit the food intake.
  • Dine in blue: Blue color has an appetite suppressing effects.
  • Eat peanut from their shells: This will involve you more and will reduce your stress as well, by diverting your thinking from the stress full thoughts.
  • Chew mint gum after meals, this will signal your brain that the gut is now full.
  • Do yoga, this will burn calories and will reduce stress as well. This will help you to balance your hormones, vital for fat loss.
  • Drink more water, a water intake of 08 glasses a day will make amazing effects on your weight loss transformation. Water is a natural metabolism booster that burns fat faster.
  • Take a cup of some natural drinks, when you get up, like a lemon juice, a glass of joe drink or a natural tea instead of coffee and tea.
  • Add spinach in our meals, this will make you fuller at earlier and you will take less food.
  • drink one soda less than your routine.
  • Consume a cup of green tea daily.
  • eat three bites less your major meals.
  • Wash your car at weekends or on holiday.

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