What is the best way to get fit at home?

Many of us have already used an excuse to get us out of going to the gym.“I don’t have time”, “The way to the Gym is too long” or “The Gym might be overcrowded and I don’t want to queue for the weights”. I was not beyond that.

The reason I started with Freeletics gym is – you can make yourself fit at home as well. Because all you need is a barbell, a plate and your Freeletics Gym coach. No more queueing for weights. No more dress to impress. Just you, the weight and your territory.

I will talk about 5 top workouts from Freeletics that I get in my coach week and they are way effective to make you fit.


Equipment: plate

Average time: 10 – 18 min

Five rounds of ten plate sit ups, 20 plate twists and 30 plate cocoons: that’s how you beat Nott. After the first round you’ll already feel it in your abs. This workout gets your six pack ripped and leaves you lying exhausted on the ground.


Equipment: plate

Average time: 6 – 10 min

Since NOTT was so nice, let the fun begin all over again with MANI. This conditioning workout also includes plate sit ups and plate cocoons, but takes less time. Five rounds: starting with 25 reps in round one and finishing with ten reps in the last set. Quick and effective: ideal!

#3 SIF

Equipment: barbell

Average time: 5 – 8 min

With SIF comes a short, but very intense upper body workout. Five rounds of five upright rows, ten push presses and five barbell curls. Time isn’t for free. Sweat is the price you’ll pay. Let every single rep of this super quick workout make a difference.

#4 Lower Body II

Equipment: barbell

Average time: 20 min

This couplet consists of five workout sets of ten deadlifts and ten front squats – targeted at you lower back and thighs. Focus on the right execution. Don’t underestimate this intense strength workout.

#5 Upper Body II

Equipment: barbell

Average time: 15 min

Give your shoulders the ultimate kick with five sets of ten push presses and ten upright rows. You know you’ve got the right weight when you hardly manage to finish the last rep. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. To avoid injuries don’t forget to warmup and stretch.

When you are more to Bodyweight training, then you can train with only 2 by 2 meters of space. In Freeletics, Bodyweight workouts with exercises where you usually need distance are replaced with ones you can do on the spot.

Hope it helps!


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