Who helps fat women more? Those who talk about inner beauty or those who tell her to lose weight?

Neither one.

A fat woman, same as fat man or “fat” kid, all are products of bad, substandard nutrition and poor lifestyle. There are other reasons such as genetics, cultural and social and environmental issues too, but let’s only focus on the “lifestyle”. Something we may be able to control.

The person that helps the fat woman is the person that leads and motivates by example, starting with their own physique.

But If you are giving advice…..

You yourself must meet certain level of fitness, which is readily viewable in your own physique, you must be able to clearly demonstrate that you practice what you preach.

Walk around with low body fat, athletic posture and most overweight folks will notice it and can learn from you. Even then, they should ask first.

The remedy is simple, but hard to implement . Lifestyle change and radical change of Nutrition is the key.

Giving silly repetitive advice over quora, pointing to pre fabricated diet and nutrition plans on the web or asking fat folks to build relationship with food, etc is just silly, ineffective and poor strategy to combat weight loss.

The same goes for inviting fat people to engage in exercises and weight lifting activities or promoting diet and exercise plans, recommending worthless supplements and or inviting the fat woman to put distance between food and the “ fat” person are all bad ideas and in some cases dangerous to the fat woman.

Talking about inner beauty is another worthless idea to undermine the dangers of excessive fat. Obesity is a real danger.

The best way seems to be minding your own business, but lead by example.

A scrawny, weak out of shape person or overweight person will not have the same impact on the fat woman vs a fit person.

Get fit physically yourself before advising the fat woman.

I am amazed by the volume of nonsense advice on social networking, offering utterly worthless advice on fat loss, etc.

Lead by example. It works much better for the fat woman.

PS: I am not an expert in anything but I am very fit. I lead by example.


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