Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Losing weight is simple. I’ll repeat…losing weight is simple!

Why is it so “hard” to lose weight for most people is because they’re not consistent in their goals and they don’t believe they can achieve something they see in a magazine. But what the majority of the people don’t realize is what those people look like when they’re not at their “peak”. They look just like you and me everyday.

People complicate things and get in their head and decide they can’t lose weight because of xyz reasons. But I promise you if you search transformation pictures online you’ll see dozens of success weight loss stories and you can look just like the people you saw.

Losing body fat (which usually means in the long run losing weight) is literally a function of calories taken in vs calories burned. (No I’m not saying just pay attention to calories in vs calories out with out focusing on Macronutrients. I want people to be and stay healthy so don’t go out there and eat McDonalds cheese burgers for the next 3 months straight!) But when it comes to purely getting rid of body fat it’s a formula of energy vs energy out.

You could literally lose 27lbs by making 2/3rds of your diet eating Twinkies for 2 months straight! – Yes this actually happened: Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

I would not suggest doing this diet because of the lack of nutritional value you’ll get…but it proves my point about a calorie deficits.

Another reference comes from a great blog that focuses on healthy weight loss (Muscle For Life) and makes references from a few studies. The conclusion Mike draws from one of the studies that focus on some major diets such as – Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc:

“So, the conclusion we can derive is brutally simple and clear: as long as you keep yourself in a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight regardless of the dietary protocol you follow.”

(You can find the rest of the article here: Carbohydrates and Weight Loss: Should You Go Low-Carb?)

In my opinion people get burnt out on bad diets/dangerous diets and bland food. Nobody wants a piece of lettuce to eat and something bland everyday. Get creative! Enjoy food and new recipes!

This was me June 2016 from sticking to my flexible diet.

Let me know if you have more questions about losing weight

I have to point out again…you don’t need these to lose weight:

  • X Diet Pills
  • X Crash Diets

I literally ate these foods to get the body I have in the picture above (Yes that’s chipotle in the top left hand corner! OMG I seriously love that place diet or no diet!)

  • Have a caloric deficit. Literally that’s it. This does not mean eat less, just take it less calories than your body is burning. (Whatever your body burns naturally + whatever activity you do during the day) You will never lose weight if you have a caloric surplus.
  • Eat consistently clean. This does not mean eat less! Eat the right stuff and have fun with it!
  • Do Compound Exercises some examples are:
    • Bench Press
    • Squats
    • Dead lifts
    • Pull ups
    • Military Press
  • Do HIIT exercises (high intensity interval training)You don’t have to do this. I personally don’t. I just do 10 minutes of running at 5mph…but doing HIIT has statistically helped expedite weight loss faster than most other types of cardio.

My wife and I have literally stuck to these simple principles above and have had great results (Minus the HIIT exercises like I stated above…I stick to something more fun! lol)


Again there isn’t just one way to skin a cat concept I think is in full effect here. Whether you’re on a low carb diet, low fat & high carb, etc. etc…at the end of the day the things to focus on mostly comes down to:

  • Have a caloric deficit (But eat healthy, don’t just count calories)
  • Eat more consistently clean than not (Focus on clean eating like a marathon and less like a sprint)
  • Exercise/Activity (For quicker results focus more on compound exercises and HIIT exercises

I know that’s really short and to the point, but losing weight isn’t complicated. It’s about being consistent and doing the right thing.

Hope that helps!


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